Hijacked for love: The incident of yesterday took the news light of a plane hijack in Egypt deviating its course to Larnaca airport. After all, it was not a terrorist act, but a simple crazy act of love…. How is it possible???

His ex-wife left him, and asked him to prove his love. She asked him to do anything to win her back!!! So he hijacked a plane to prove his point… A post card, phone media message, flowers, gifts, even a ring became not essential in this world where we have many of them every day. So materialistic that even words are not believed, and we became victim of our emotions and soul pain.
When love wins, the soul take over the mind, and controls every human act and behavior. This is when love wins, rationalism is not existing with love, because being rational is judging, and judging means use your mind. And when we are in love we can become crazy, spontaneous, stupid, dreamers…


Try to get a white horse, it is more romantic than a hijacking a white plane. But how many have a horses…. We have already enough in this world to cover the news headings every day. Let’s go back to love each other and ask for simple things, such as nice words, a hug, a rose. Learn to appreciate small details, and love will return to you in more.

My question: Is Adam still eating the apple?


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