When we’re preparing for holidays, we would like to get all the clothes we have and possible as many cosmetics products as we can, even if we don’t use most of it. This is us, women! So I was thinking this vacation to ease my luggage and take with me only the products I really need it. I chose Side this year for destination (which I will writing you about when I come back) sounds like a lot of tan.

  1. Versace-Eros pour femme

I’ll start with the fragrance because I’m obsessed with them lately and I’m tending to make my collection bigger than it is. For me, it’s important that the fragrance I’m wearing makes me feel awesome or not. I couldn’t be able to choose one from those I already have, so I bought a new one. Eros from Versace was love at first side. I’m in love with both, scent and design. It’s a floral and woody fragrance based on sandalwood and musk. Not only the design of it carries you in the Greek mythology, but also the scent. You can find it in Sephora, Douglas, Boots or on Versace official website

2. Nivea Sun protect &bronze

I never forget the sunscreen products. Because I have a bit of tan, I choose Nivea protect&bronze with SPF 20. It protects you  from burned skin and ageing. If you wanna have a gorgeous tan, you should totally try it. You can find it in every hypermarket, online store or the Nivea official website. or  If you are not too tanned, try one with a higher SPF.

3. Vichy-Capital Soleil(apre Soleil)

To calm down my skin I choose Apre Soleil from Vichy. It’s moisturising body milk which calm down burned skin and also leave a very supple and shinny skin. You can find it every pharmacy like Boots.

4. Victoria’s Secret- Shimmer  lotion

It’s one of my favourite products. It’s perfect for a healthy and shiny skin when you go out in the evening. It contains some glitter and increase the tan effect. Beside this, it moisturises quite well the skin and has a awesome scent. You can buy it online from Amazon or from duty free.

5. Schmidt’s- Bergamot+ Lime

This one it’s a fantastic organic deodorant. I have been using it for more than a half of year and gives you stunning results. I’m using this one because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Also is helps a lot to regulate sweating in cases where it’s in excess. Another nice stuff about it is the fact that don’t mess up your clothes like some other does. I’m in love with the smell of it(I chose bergamot and lime). Oh God it’s absolutely stunning. You can find it in five types on www.ecco-verde.com

6.Manuka Doctor-CC cream SPF 20

We all know the products from Manuka Doctor. Well, as you expected this CC cream is organic, chemically free, paraben free and contains Manuka honey which moisturising the skin very well.  Most of the time, I’m using it as a primer, but it’s quite awesome to apply it on summer time as a foundation. It has a very light texture and also covers very well. You can find it on www.manukadoctor.com

7.Manuka Doctor ApiRefine

Yes, it really increases the lips volume. But don’t think it’s looking like botox. It also give them a consistent form  due to the content of bee venom. When applying, you will have a strange feeling. But don’t worry, it’s a sign that it’s working. Use it on/under your lipstick for bigger lips. You can find it on www.manukadoctor.com

8. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick

I like a lot the nude lipstick shades and the darker shades. And I always choose those long-wearing and non-drying one. I don’t use too much makeup in holidays, so I will take with me a nude shade(86-Barely Nude). I’m always contouring my lips, so I have also a Double Wear lip liner on the same shade (Rose 04). You will find them here www.estelauder.co.uk

9. Mascara Too faced-Better than sex

I saw a lot of interesting reviews at this mascara and I said maybe I need to try it. After I did, I can tell you it’s  worth every penny. The lashes has an incredible volume and lengthiness effect that you don’t ever want to break up with it. You will find on Too faced website.

10. Scarfix ITS- scars treatment

It is the only scars treatment which doesn’t contain silicone(there are a lot of people who are having allergic reaction at silicone). Can be use on any type of scar(tattoo, acnes, surgeries ). I’m using it to get out of some scars that acnes left me and I’m really happy about the results. You can find the product on SkinRepairSolutions.com



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