Fight, woman! Fight for what you wish and what you want to be. Always remember that you’re not afraid to lose, you’re afraid not trying. Ask the men in your life, how many times did they lose before they became successful? How many times did they stand up to be strong today? They will tell you : many times.

You deserve what’s best. But always remember, you’re the only one who know what is best for you. Just you know where you want to go, and to be there you must fight.

Be a woman, but fight like a man…

I remember that I started to fight since I was  a little child. Not because I wanted to, because it was necessary. And I’m still fighting. Why? Because I realized that nobody will do it for me. Because nobody knows better what makes me happy and what I truly want. I was a little child when I first saw at my mom something that marked me. Every time when she had a big problem, instead of crying, she was cleaning the house, thinking how to solve it. That means to be strong. For her, nothing is impossible to achieve. I have learned from her that I never have to give up. To quit means that you don’t have any dreams. Are you sure that you about that?

A while ago, somebody told me that “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”. And I know that it’s damn hard to climb that stairs. But every time you’re trying it and you lose, remember that you’re a step closer to success. Every time you feel you can’t do it anymore, remember that many have climbed these stairs and gave up in here. Here when they had a few steps. Make a difference and climb all of them. Because you’re a women and you’re stronger than you imagined. Climb them, because that’s how you can prove yourself you’re strong. And when you’re done, don’t forget to look down where you left from and encourage others to do it.


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