A few years ago I was wondering what the beauty blogging is. And when I started this, I saw that as in any field there are both advantages and disadvantages here. Especially if you do it part time, as is my case. But the most important aspects to keep in mind when you start a blog are: passion for writing, desire for learning new things and patience.


Testing new products: I have not yet reached the stage where I receive non-stop products for testing. But I have received some of which I have written and some of which I’m writing some interesting articles. The beautiful part is that you’re testing products that you no longer buy, instead you get it for free.

You are always up to date with news. To do performance as a beauty blogger, you have to read a lot, get informed and you are basically bound to keep up with the news. The great side here is that you get access to more and more information and it will become easy for you to recognize a better quality product. It also helps yourself; being a woman is important to know as much as you can about beauty.

You get positive feed-backs. Positive feedback from readers helps you perform and encourages you to deliver better content

You are attending to best events in town. When I say great, I mean that here you have the opportunity to find and learn many new things, to meet fantastic people and other bloggers who can give you tips on what you can improve in your work.

You’re an influencer. That depends on how much you’re being involved. If you love what you’re doing and you writing quality content, you’re starting to achieve awareness and your opinion can count on reader’s purchasing decisions. What can be more cool than that?

Monetize . You can also make money with this blogging. If you have readers who count on your opinions and you can influence them in their decisions, then you may be paid to write an article.


Testing new products. When you’re testing new products, some may not be how they boast of being. As a beginner  you wish to write about everything just to have more content on your blog. The articles where you over-rating products will not have a positive impact. Conversely, you will lose the reader’s confidence. It is important to choose to write only about the products that are really good, because it’s the only way to achieve readers confidence and increase their number.

You spend more. Until you become an influencer, to monetize your blog, you need an advertising budget for brand awareness. You do not always get to test the products you want to write, so you need to invest in them to try and express your opinion about them.

Time. When you make an article you need  inspiration. So you have to waste a lot of time to get quality content. Also, the photos for each article require plenty of time to get something to be proud of and to be liked by readers.

Negative Feedback. As usual, not everyone agrees with what you write. And that can discourage you. It’s important to understand that any feedback is welcome. It means there is interest. You have to learn to respond to these feedbacks and why not turn them into positive ones.

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