Recently I came back for Turkey. I chose Side as destination because I heard it’s an amazing place and has some fantastic tourist spots. Side is an old shopping city located about 80 km from Antalya. A true open air museum, a masterpiece detached from Greek mythology. A city full of story, which you don’t want to leave so soon.

The Greek Amphitheater’s ruins

I’m not  that kind of person who takes notes about tourist spots before leaving home, but I did little research. I wanted to see here Apollo’s Temple. Beside that I left for relaxation, bronze, sun and sea. But the road through the ruins of the city to Apollo’s Temple, has departed me from the road to visit other fantastic attractions like The city walls, The Triumphal Arch, Agora’s ruins, The Great Bath, The Greek Amphitheater, Athena’s Temple. The most splendid and gorgeous attractions you should not miss it if you’ll get in here is the Greek Amphitheater and Apollo’s Temple. After I came home I did again some research and I found out that there are more spots I have not been able to see it. Probably they were being  really destroyed .

The Greek Amphitheater

The Apollo’s Temple is located on the seafront, near to the old city seaport . Certainly a walk on the seashore gives you a fantastic view of Apollo’s Temple. Today, the temple still has only five columns out of 66 of which it was composed. But you can still imagine the grandeur of the past. The Greek Amphitheater remains in good condition. You can still see vaults and arches. Long time ago it sheltered almost 15000 people who assisted and watched battles with gladiators.

Apollo’s Temple

Before arriving at the amphitheater you walk through bazaar, full of  life, friendly people who know how to sell. Of course I couldn’t go through it without buying spices, souvenirs and Turkish delights.The seaport is a truly splendor and you can’t avoid it. I personally feel sorry that I didn’t have time for a boat ride. Otherwise you can find very nice terraces with amazing views.



Sea side


Turkish Bazaar


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