I’ll admit. I was a foundation hunter. This is because I  have a problematic skin from acne, which left me lots of scars and I’m always desperate to cover it as well as I can.

But I’m not anymore. Not since I found the Estee Double Wear foundation. During time I tried a lot of foundations from Revlon, Maybelline ,Bourjois, Sephora, Mac, NYX, and others. I didn’t say are not good products, but I needed something long lasting  with large covering to solve all my problems.  And this one is the best I tried.  Besides the fact that is remarkable long lasting (you can wear it 15 hours without concerning that you need a makeup refresh) it can be use for all type of skin. Fantastic, isn’t it? I had never figure it out that a person with oil skin can use the same foundation with a person with dry skin and look awesome. But it seems it’s possible.

I solved also my problem with foundation stains on my clothes. I hate this thing and it has always happened to me. But not with Double Wear. After I do my makeup I never have to worry that it will come on my clothes again.

If your eyes stings because of foundation, I’ll promise you’ll never have this experience again with this one. I had this problem before I use this foundation and was quite uncomfortable, but not anymore.

So this is my skin with and without Double Wear Foundation. Big difference, right?

Because I have oily skin, I thought I will need a primer, and I tried The Mattifier also from Estee Lauder. It’s absolutely amazing when you use foundation for more than 10 hours, but I also realized that It’s not necessary for daily use. Even if I have oily skin, my skin looks still fresh and not greasy after 10 hours, even tho I’m not wearing a primer. So I’m using this if I need to wear foundation more than 10-12 hours because I don’t want to see any creases on my face.



PS: I know it’s hard to find a foundation who matches exactly your skin colour, and I got a little tips for you. If you live or pay a visit in London, make sure you find  Harrods, John Lewis or Boots with a Estee Lauder stand and ask them for a skin color test. They will find the foundation who matches perfectly your skin. My shade for this foundation is 2N1.




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