I guess the best part of autumn is the smell of dry leaves and the multitude of colours everywhere. From light green and yellow to burgundy and pure brown.

I am a sun hunter kind of girl. So everywhere under 20 degrees is not the most attractive place to be. But I ended up in London, a city with more rain then sun. It took me so long to get used with the British weather. You can have all four seasons in one day.  And actually I found something that I’ve truly enjoy in here. The autumn. London has that kind of autumn that makes you live outside; under a tree; with all the colourful leaves at the ground, enjoying the smell of wet grass, the sunshine of a cold sun and the noise of a squirrel.

And besides this, I love to dress in this autumn colours. Kind of makes me feel like I’m part of the picture. It’s this season where you can enjoy fluffy and cozy sweaters if you’re not in the mood for a coat.

And to take that sweater out of it’s coziness and give it a fancy look, you can wear it with a lace top underneath, as I’m doing it in this picture. It gives a feminine touch. I have always been a fan of lace combine with knitwear, considering it a small trick of “lady like” kind of outfits.


When you combine a lace top with a sweater, always make sure that a part of the top can be seen. In my case, as I chose a turtle neck sweater, the best way to wear it is with a top with details on the sleeves. But if you have a normal sweater, I recommend you to look for a roll neck lace top. It looks absolutely amazing together. Find an idea of a gorgeous sweater with a fantastic price in here.

Lace top

Checked trousers // Burgundy sweater

Stiletto high heels


As for pants, this kind of checked ones is the most perfect choice. Even tho they are red, green, yellow, brown, grey, everything that comes as checked is a must have in this season.

When I’m using this kind of neutral colours, I’m doing it form head to toe. In here, I chose some nude high heels stiletto, as they fit perfectly with my skin colour.


Petite tips: When you don’t have the longest legs, the best trick to look taller is to wear a pair of high heels that matches perfectly you’re skin tone.

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