We’re in this season of the year where your fashion creativity can go as wild as possible. The transition weather gives you a lot of opportunities to play with lots of clothes which you can’t wear in summer or winter. All you need to enjoy it, is some classic items you can juggle it in hundreds outfits. Here are the must-have wardrobe essentials you need, to create the best autumn outfits.


The most classic item you should have in your autumn wardrobe is the trench. Invented by Burberry as a British army uniform which keeps the rain away, the trench is still one of the most wanted items due to its coziness and utility. It can be worn in elegant outfits as much as in casual or sport ones.  The first known trench had a classic camel color. Now, it can be find in a wide range of colours like black, green, orange, red, brown etc.

2.Knitted dress

No matter what body construction you have, the knitted dress is everybody’s obsession, after trying the first one. You don’t need too much to look stunning. The beauty of it, is the fact that you can wear it at simple as it is, or you can be creative around it. I didn’t tell you that it’s so so cozy… that you’ll feel you’re wearing your best pyjamas.

3. Camel/ Checked blazer

Most of the autumn gives us enough weather for wearing blazers. Depending on the degrees, you can play underneath with a turtleneck sweater or a shirt, or nothing else if you’ll wear it as a dress. Nothing looks more elegant and expensive then a checked or camel blazer in a outfit. Can be wore with a skirt, with trousers, jeans or leather pants. So let your creativity explore.

4. Over the knee boots

Either you’re wearing a mini or a midi skirt, or just a simple dress, some over the knee boots will complete your outfit and it will keep you warm no matter what. Try to buy something in autumn colours like brown, black, yellow, grey or burgundy.

5. Turtleneck sweater

Doesn’t matter if it’s autumn or winter, the turtleneck sweaters are always a good choice. If your neck is covered, you’ll never get cold and also, the best of it, you don’t need a scarf anymore. Can be easily combined with jeans, trousers, skirts, coats, heels and also sport shoes.

6. Long coat

When we’re talking about coziness, the long oversized coat is the deal.  With it you have elegance, femininity and most of it you can enjoy any kind of weather. Choose one made from wool to get the feeling that you didn’t put anything on you. It’s so light and warm that you’ll never get rid of it.

7. Leather pants

Always in trends, the leather pants is the best option when you want to take your outfit out from the comfort zone. In a few words: how to look fabulous without doing much effort. An oversized sweater with a shirt under, a coat over and some trainers or boots will give you an stunning look. Invest in something that is good quality and fits your style.

8. Midi skirt

Midi skirt equals with lots of femininity. If your style goes to this area, you should totally have a few of this in your wardrobe. You can find tons of this in every store. But if you would like to wear it also in winter, choose one that has wool in it. For autumn you can choose still wear silk, leathers or polyester ones.

9. Leather jacket

Never give up on the leather jacket. It can get you out from a lot of situations, like when you’re dealing with no idea what to wear. Simply stunning for autumn, you can add sweaters, shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts, all kind of boots. Basically, with a leather jacket you can create everything from the most simple outfits to the most sophisticated ones. My advice is to invest in a leather one, not polyester, because you’re going to wear it long time from now on.


Which of items about do you own already and which’s your favourite?

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