Animal print has been always in trend. It’s one of the classic prints, that never gets old and the way you’re wearing it can create glamorous, chic outfits or disastrous ones. Every detail stands in a thin line, which if you cross it can cause the cheapest and the ugliest outfits.

Firstly, when wearing animal print make sure that the items that has this print are not too tight, like leggings. Secondly, don’t wear animal print head to toe. If you wearing a long dress make sure you’re shoes are any other colour besides animal print. Last, but not least if you choose a short skirt or dress, as I did, make sure you don’t have a low neckline also, because it will look super cheap. 

Personally, I’m not such a big fun of animal prints, but I have my crush for this leopard print. And this dress is one of my favourite lately. It’s a simple, long sleeve dress with kind of a turtleneck, which as you know, I’m a fan also.

Here are some other options of animal print dresses:

I added a simple black belt, because I love to accentuate my curves and give it a bit more femininity. I chose a wide belt because I wear no accessories and this will compensate for their lack.

As for shoes, I wore a pair of black over the knee boots; that type of socks boots which fits perfectly in this outfit.  Due to the fabric, they are really cozy and I recommend you to buy one of this, for those long days you need to walk a lot and also to look fabulous.

And the same old black bag, that you’ve seen it before in my blog posts.

The purpose of the white coat it’s to make the outfit brighter, cutting the black and this animal print. And come on, it’s also pretty cold outside.


TIPS: Best colours you can combine with animal print are red and green. It looks stunning together and will give you a luxury and glamorous vibe.

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  1. Eveline

    Girl your outfit it’s stunning. I’m following you for a while and I’m in love with what you’re doing. I’m so in lovee

    1. Post

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