Searching for beautiful places in London while taking some photos, it’s always a pleasure to me. And I’m always excited when I have people around for this kind of activities. In the middle of October, my bestie and her BF, paid me a visit and we spent a few days visiting the city and showing them my favourite places.

Lately, I have a pretty big attraction to Portobello Market. Due to the vintage stores, people, vibe, colourful houses and cozy restaurants or pubs, where you can hang out for coffee or  launch. And what I love the most is that everytime I’m coming home with great price goodies. (as the pink midi skirt in the photo which I paid 10 £ for it’s from a vintage store).

Anyway, to make the story shorter, we went to this area, which was super crowded that day. It was still sunny and hot outside for an autumn day, which I think this was the reason of being so busy. Portobello Market it’s a fantastic place for shopping, vintage hunters and lovers of bright colours. Besides enjoying beautiful weather, street musicians the the fair, we took also some photos. There is no hanging out without memories, isn’t it?

After Portobello, we headed up to Kensington Palace, also a place that you cannot miss if you’re in London.

Especially the Palace’s garden which has a million pounds view. I have no words to describe it, so I’ll add this photo below.

On the way to Palace’s garden, you’re going through the green Cradle Walk, a stunning and intimate tunnel with a lot of history. If you watched at least once, a movie with royal theme and you’ve seen that intimate walks that they had in the gardens, well this is how it feels when you take a walk in this tunnel. 

You can also visit the Palace buying a ticket from here, or you can simply enjoy the royal vibe by walking through the gardens or enjoying a coffee and some sweets.

Earrings // Blazer // Shirt

Boots // Skirt // Bag

My outfit started from this gorgeous pink midi skirt, which I found it in a vintage store in Portobello Market. It’s not a vintage garment, but still has as inspirations the ’50s. I’m not a vintage addicted or something, but I do love a lot the style of ’40s and ’50s regarding fashion. I guess, femininity was the main inspiration for the designers of that period. I’m wearing with this skirt, a simple white long sleeve top with some pearls on the left shoulder. The blazer comes as a help, in combining this black ankle socks boots with the bright outfit. So I chose a checked blazer one with some black details.

I told you before and I’m never gonna stop talking about this socks boots. I have it in two versions, over the knee ones and ankle ones. They are super comfortable due to the fabric and you can walk the entire day in it with no pain. That’s why I prefer to even struggle combining it in a outfit, then wearing something else.

The bag matches pretty good the skirt and the top. I bought it a few months ago and it’s from Vertigo.

Being a fan of massive jewelry, what can complete this outfit rather then this shiny  earrings?

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