Since this is the first blog post from 2019, I would like to wish you all a happy new year full of joy, happiness, love and success. I would also like to thank you for all you support and for being here and reading my blog. 2019 comes with a lot of new topics and a big surprise. I’ll tell you more about it in the next posts.

In 2018, I forced myself to get rid of non-colours regarding my outfits. I chose to wear colours and exclude everything that means full black and white outfit. But I’ll start 2019 with this outfit, which is compose just from shades of grey. If you’re on classic and minimalist style, this one will be a very best option for you.

Starting from this gorgeous white lace top (which I told you about it in THIS blog post), I tried to bring the outfit in a really classic area that you can wear it day by day. Being cold season I do prefer a lot cold colours or non colours. Grey, black, brown, burgundy are one of my favorites.

I do pay attention on details at every item in the outfit. The sweater, which is a grey, turtleneck one, was some cable accents in diamond shape, that defines the silhouette curves, as you can see in the picture below.

The purpose of the white lace top,is to cut the monotony of black and grey combination with some elegant triangle shapes. The lace details from the hand area, gives also the impression of longer and more feminine hands.

The black jeans I chose, has also some small details, little black stones all over legs. It looks perfect also with a simple pair of black jeans, but I since I’ve seen this ones, I couldn’t hold myself using it. I just love this small details, it’s something that you don’t see every single minute.

I’m wearing black boots with a frontal zip (the most coziest one that I have). White or grey ones look also great. I prefer the black one, as my ankles are not then thin, and a pair of other colour in this outfit will make my legs look shorter than they actually are. So if you’re petite, as I am, make sure you’re matching the colour of your ankle boots to your jeans.

Let me know which of the items is your favourite by commenting below.



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