Yes, I do consider that every woman should have an animal print oversized coat. Through all the prints I had ever seen, the leopard print one is the most “famous ” print, which makes it also a classic due to its notoriety.

Each season the leopard print it is present in every collection, no matter if is SS or AW. That includes items like coats, dresses, shoes, scarfs, shirts, skirts, trousers or jeans.

Choose wisely everything you wanna wear with this kind of print. As I said it before, it can go super easy from luxury and fancy to cheap and extraordinary ugliness. This is reflected from the fabric quality, to length or colours. Find out more about it in this article: How to style animal print dresses in a fabulous outfit

Going back to our leopard print coat, there are some small tricks to find the best one for you, which will looks stunning, fancy and also expensive.

First step: never buy a super tight coat. The coat purpose it to keep you warm, not to make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be fit, as you might wear a thick sweater under.

Second step: When it comes to any kind of animal print, always choose a faux fur coat instead of a normal fabric like (wool, polyester, viscose, etc.)  The reason is that it will never look expensive if it doesn’t imitates the origins of this kind of print.

Third step: The perfect coat for you depends mostly of your height. If you’re a petite, as I am, you must take in consideration a long oversized coat. Anything that’s finishing above or below the hips, it cuts from your height.  If you’re a tall one, you are the lucky one who can wear any type of lengths. Doesn’t matter if it’s long or short, it will always look good on you, because no matter how much it will shorten you, you’re still tall enough. If you are tall, but you are also one of the women with curves, choose the long oversized coat. It will make you look more feminine, highlighting your curves.

And now you are ready to conquer the city. 

If you want to find out what’s the best colours that goes with leopard print check this article: How to style animal print dresses in a fabulous outfit 

What’s your opinion about leopard print?


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