I bought my first Foreo two years ago, just out of curiosity. I heard so many good stuff about it and I was pretty sure it must do something different.

What’s the differences I’ve seen in Luna and other face devices?

I always had a face device, as I feel any device can clean my face better that I would do it with a sponge or by hands. And I’m still sticking to this affirmation. With all the devices I used before ( plastic fibres brushes only ), I had the same problem: irritated my face. And I don’t have very sensitive skin. Beside this, I have a combination skin and during time I suffered with acne, which make me be super careful at keeping the devices in boxes, avoiding bacterias. But you can’t avoid everything, no matter what. It’s still fibre, isn’t it? In what’s concerning the battery life, most of the devices are using batteries that you need to change it after a while. But this one it’s not the problem. The real problem it’s the fact that they don’t the same power while cleaning.

Luna has a silicon brush, which is really easy to use, avoiding bacteria and any others solutions you’re using while cleaning your face or take off your make-up. I’m using the device for combination skin, but I have areas where my skin is dry. And Luna never irritated my skin no matter how many times per day I used it. The device had an incorporate battery, which makes it rechargeable. And no matter which Foreo device you are choosing I promise you’ll have no problems concerning the battery life.

I opted for Luna. If you ask me why I paid for something more expensive than a mini Luna, I’ll say it’s for the fact that the brush is quite bigger than mini Luna (that means it’s quite faster as I covers larger areas) and also its reverse side use pulsation to massage the skin and bring visible anti wrinkle results.

Another thing made me choose Luna instead Luna mini, is the fact that Luna devices are created for 4 types of skin. My device is for combination skin, as this is my skin type. But you can find it in 4 varieties: Oily, sensitive, normal and combination skin.

Rechargeable device, Luna has a really long battery life. I’m recharging the device every half a year, which is more that convenient for me.

Why I stick to Luna?

I didn’t find something else better then this device. It’s super practical, and easy to use and clean. I use it with my best cleanser, to take off my make-up and also with my favourite moisturiser. I found Luna 2 really easy to carry with you in holidays, as it helps with all your skin care routine. And I don’t need to worry anymore about bacterias.

Everyday I’m using it, my skin look much brighter, cleaner and healthier, which makes me feel beautiful and confident.

If you’re planning to buy a Luna 2, you can have Luna mini with 44% off  from HERE.

Did you try any Foreo devices?

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