I’ve never been careful with what or how much I’m eating. I was so chaotic in everything what means food. I don’t eat a lot and I’ve been always around 50 kg.  Even if I heard so many times, I didn’t thought food can’t make that much difference in my lifestyle.

Not until I started to go to a gym. Didn’t wanna lose weight. Just want my body to get in shape, defining my curves. But in order to do all this, I needed to eat a lot to have a bit more energy. At that point, my normal meals didn’t really help with gaining enough of it.  As my organism wasn’t used with so much food that I was trying to eat, I took a few extra kilos and it was exactly what I didn’t what. Come on, how many of us want extra kilos?

During an event I was participated last month, I found a SO SHAPE stand. Never heard of this brand before. But their colourful packaging caught my attention. The woman in there explained me that every of their products are high in proteins and fibres and low in calories; that this brand stands for a healthy lifestyle, improving the energy level and in the same time keeping you in shape. Imagine my face when I heard high in proteins and low in calories. I was amazed. If you’re going to the gym, you know what I mean. Making the story shorter, they game a few of their products to try it and see how I feel.

So if you saw my IGTV you know already the whole story. I did say I’m gonna do a #1 week challenge and tell you how everything is going.

How did I add #SoShape in my meals?

So most of the time I replaced my breakfast with so shape products like: smart granola, muffins or pancakes. The rest of the day I ate my normal meals (pasta, salad, fish with rice, salmon with vegetables and the gym proteins )

Seems quite a job for a girl who doesn’t like to cook. But trust me it’s not. Pancakes take like five minutes of your time. And I’ll say muffins take 15, as you need to keep them for 10 minutes in the oven. You just mix the powder with water and it’s ready to cook.

And for chocolate lovers you can add some smart chocolate chips.

At the beginning, I thought I’m gonna eat just Smart Granola (easy replaces my cereals). But the best part, was that I could swap with these two also (smart pancakes and muffins ) as it doesn’t take so much time to cook.

I did try the Smart Shake too (my one was with brownie), super tasty and I live for it. I had just two of it and I used it instead of my proteins after gym. Can say it worked much better in what means keeping my stomach filled up. (Can’t say so many thinks about it, as I didn’t drink it for so long to make an opinion about it)

And comes with motivational messages which I found it super cool 🙂

Something was hard at the beginning to get used with, was the taste. The products don’t contain sugar. It was hard because eating sweets for me it’s clearly about that sugar :)). But it took me two days to be cool without it.

What So Shape did to me? 

The best difference I’ve seen and makes me recommend these products, is my level of ENERGY. And these happened from the beginning. As I said it before, all the products are high in proteins and fibres, which means you’re getting a big amount of energy (see details in here). Believe me or not, I’m always struggling to finish whatever I need to do during a normal day, as I feel I don’t have the energy. And a lot of times I left stuff not done just because I’m too tired to focused on it. Now, things changed. I can easily do my 8 hours job, 1.5 hours gym and work for my blog, without getting tired like it happened before. And also, having more energy helps me to be faster and to improve my work. So I get enough time.

My DIGESTION was quite improved. One of the major things I was facing with, was that no matter what I was eating my belly was bloated.  My belly is finally flat now, even tho I’m eating fruits, milk or others stuff. (never found out where the bloated thing is coming from). 

Something else I realised during this one week challenge is that my APPETITE is back to normal. I don’t need to eat constantly anymore and don’t feel the hunger in the same way I did before. If you have this kind of problems, I’m kindly recommending you these products.

If you’re planning to get in shape

You can choose one of their challenges for whatever you wanna achieve:

5 days challenge   – Feel lighter

14 days challenge – Flatten your belly

28 day challenge  – Drop a size

Or you can make your own challenge like I did. If you’re already  in a So Shape challenge, I would really love to know how’s going for you, so please leave a comment below.

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