If you didn’t guess yet, this is one of my favourite subject to talk about, Yes, dresses. Mini, midi, maxi, whatever is on the plate I’m fascinated to get in to this topic, because they’re so feminist and easily can define a confident woman.

During years, I changed a lot my style. Going from office boring kind of style to casual, smart casual or elegant. And I love it all, but I don’t share my love equally for all of them.  I concentrate more of my love on this elegant -romantic styling. And what I mean through that, needs to include a dress/ skirt and a pair of heels. If you want to go deep in classic-romantic style, I do suggest you to consider some lace in your outfit (but will debate this subject in another blog post)

Going back to our  maxi dresses, well I always wear it with heels. One of the reason is that I’m petite with curves. (and I don’t really love something that is shortening my height)

And the other reason is because I love wearing heels.

How to choose a maxi dress

By coziness: When you’re choosing a day by day maxi dress, the most important aspect is to give you enough space to walk and to move. In one word, needs to be cozy. 

By your body construction: The second important aspect is to look great on you and this goes along with your body construction. You can’t wear oversized dresses if you have a super curvy body, unless you’re adding a belt, which will shape your curves.( same as I do with this one)

Brown coat // Floral print dress

By your height: Same thing applies at the length of the dress. If you’re tall enough, whatever length will look good on you. If you’re petite, as I am,  and you’re not sure what kind of maxi dress looks good on you, find one that has a slit you can play with. No matter is a buttoned dress head to toe as I’m wearing here or has a split on the side. This will help you create some length using your legs. (like I do in the photos above)

By the colours. Always take in consideration the colours that looks good on you. Even if you’re choosing a print (a floral one like I did here) try to look for the colour combination that goes beautiful with your skin, hair, eyes etc.

How to style a maxi dress

With coats: It’s a must for all type of dresses: when you’re having a coat on, this should be covering the dress length(especially when you’re petite). I truly agree with it, but sometimes I feel like I need to break the rules. I wore this floral dress with a simple brown coat, because I wanted to highlight the dress. So in this way, wearing a neutral colour, the spot it’s still on the dress. Also I chose a coat that it’s shorter than the dress length (here’s where I broke the rules) just because taking a longer one would’ve make my outfit look colourless, just with shades of black and brown. And I have already brown hair. Would’ve erased me.

With a belt: As I said above,  depends of the type of dress and your body construction if you could do better with a belt or no. In my case, a belt does a super big difference as accentuates my waist and highlights my curves.

With shoes: You can wear any kind of shoes if you’re tall enough. It’s not the same if you’re petit. I would recommend heels if you’re wearing a maxi dress. No matter if is  5 or 10 or 15 cm. It will make a big difference. Also, a great way to create extra length when wearing split front dresses is to style it with  over the knee heel boots. You’re legs will look longer, and you ..much taller 🙂

Over-the-knee heeled boots // Flower earrings

These are just some few easy rules I consider it’s great to  follow in order to create a gorgeous outfit with a maxi dress. Are you a lover of these dresses? Leave a comment bellow

P.S. This dress from the photos it was gifted to me by Dokotoo. You can find it in here.


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