Talking about fashion history, I’ve been always fascinated about the 50’s, with swing dresses, petticoats, gloves and everything that built those perfect silhouettes. Running after a cab, waiting for a train or a simple walk in the park make no difference in what means being polished from head to toe. That is 50’s, full of perfection, femininity, perfect curves, hair and makeup.

But as always, fashion is repeating. And even now I’m seeing more and more new collection clothes that reproduce the style of 50’s. And I’m delighted to get in one of it, as you can see.

Starting the story from the beginning, we’re finally enjoying the sun in London. Haven’t see it in a while and I’m so happy to conquer the entire city with the sun above my head. It led me here, in the beautiful Hampstead Pergola, full of rundown splendour and lots of history. A place where I can go back 60 years ago, wearing a swing dress, pretending that I’m living in that decade.

Dress ZARA // Earrings HM

Vintage Bag // ZARA heels // Nine West hat

So here I am, dressed in a sky blue swing dress in the style of 50’s with a petticoat under, a pair of vintage gloves, a straw hat, a gorgeous vintage bag from 30’s and this fabulous red heels, ready to enjoy this place built 105 years ago.

I could dress like this every day and never get bored of it.


As a transition from vintage to actual trends I combined the outfit with an oversized coat.


And thinking of how you can wear this kind of outfits more often and also keep them in trend… well I got rid of the vintage bag and gloves and also untied my hair. I could’ve leave aside the petticoat, but it gives the dress much more volume and to be honest I don’t think is too much.

E voila!

If you have a favorite period from fashion history which you love the most, please leave it in the comments below as I am dying to hear about it.







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