About Me

I’m really happy to find you here. That means I’ve raised your interest and you wanna know about me. Well I’m a Romanian living in London, who lives by the motto “ Live, Love, Laugh”. I guess it’s coming from the fact that life is short and you’ll never get the chance to make it twice. And…I love to be in love and I’m laughing as much as I can.

So working at this blog I found out that I’ll never put my dreams on the second place.
 I wish I’ll inspire you to do the same..to make you wish more and to be hungry for following your dreams. I believe in talent but I believe more in hard work. So if others did it, you can do it too. Everything I’m writing is willing to help you to create a better version on you. We need to be pretty inside and outside(so you’ll find content for both here)

You’ll find out here my best experiences, best opinions and also my truly advice. Hope you’ll find it useful and anytime you want to ask an advice/opinion something, be free to contact me on my social media channels.

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