April Fool, a joke or a real life test of each other’s limits?

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Watch out, don’t be fool today, as many are expecting something unusual to happen. A reason to make a joke or funny situation with our friends, family or partner. Some tend to make more funny for the sake of fun, while others take the opportunity to test your limits.

As we say, many serious messages could be passed in form of a joke. What if you were the victim of your girlfriend, waited till the moment when you got carried on and forgot it is 1st April, and announced to you that she is pregnant…..

PREGNANT, eventually it happened to me and in a fraction of a second zillion thoughts came in my mind. Shall I ask for abortion, pressure her to abort ?… This is what I thought in a micro second, but then my thought went to a supportive man, a man who believes that the relation should move further sooner or later, so why not now… A man who saw his girlfriend and woman in need for his support and presence. All of these thoughts completed the other fraction of the first second. Decision made. Good. Congratulation for our pregnancy.

Some hours later she revealed the joke and have the laugh of her life, while I was really fooled, or in another word undergone a hard test, or maybe one of the hardest tests any woman will make to her man. So be ready for a funny days full of unusual situations, or a really test your woman will be waiting for.

For all woman, can you take a hard test today as much as you can give to others.. What if your boyfriend offers you a fake ring today and after accepting it he tells you later it was a joke!

In stable relations, no one needs hard tests, trust and communication can be better. but keep the funny part of April’s Fool and share with us.”

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