10 products you should take in holiday with you

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When we’re preparing for holidays, we would like to get all the clothes we have and possible as many cosmetics products as we can, even if we don’t use most of it. This is us, women! So I was thinking this vacation to ease my luggage and take with me only the products I really […]

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ZOYA-shea butter in 10 extravagant combinations

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Between body lotions and body butter I will always choose the second one. I think the body lotions are too water-rich and the amount of water they contain varies depending on the country of manufacture. Unfortunately, for most of the body lotions the amount of water used in it is quite high, which is why […]

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What are the advantages and disadvantages in beauty blogging?

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A few years ago I was wondering what the beauty blogging is. And when I started this, I saw that as in any field there are both advantages and disadvantages here. Especially if you do it part time, as is my case. But the most important aspects to keep in mind when you start a […]

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Cellulite issues? Not anymore..

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cellulite issues

Although it’s early autumn we can still enjoy good wheatear. Most of us are still wearing skirts and shorts  and we still  have cellulite issues that seems to last forever. As lately I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle, I have developed an affinity for natural care products and I am very excited about the […]

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