Hello, autumn!

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autumn, boyfriend shirt

I did this shooting a few weeks ago after a studio shooting. I’m pretty charmed about the result that’s why I wanna share it with you. Being in love with the colour and design of this bridge in St. Paul, I said it’s a good time and location to try to shoot a few photos. […]

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Gifts from Estee Lauder

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I just found out yesterday about the Estee Lauder free gifts from Boots and I thought one of that should be mine. And so it was. They have two version of gifts that you can see it displayed in every Boots store. I chose this one from the picture above because I felt it’s more appropriate […]

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3 ways to wear a crossover top

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crossover top

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy wearing crossover tops. Feels like I became obsessed with them lately. Well, how could I not be? And the main reason of it, is that it outlines my waist really nice and creates a lot of shapes on my body. And I simply adore that. Until now, […]

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Puff sleeves and denim

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puff sleeves and denim

I’ve been struggling for a long time to start blogging again and finally here I am. Meanwhile I moved to London and a lot of things have changed. But I will tell you about that lately in other posts. Now I wanna share with you my first blog shooting in a sunny afternoon of August. […]

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