Why strong women fall in love with complicated men

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Strong women are independent . And most of the time they are also complicated. The man beside them will never represent a way to get in to high society or to ease their road to success. They will fight the same, with or without him. But they also have the principle of”where are two, the […]

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Lovers, please don’t become terrorists..

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Hijacked for love: The incident of yesterday took the news light of a plane hijack in Egypt deviating its course to Larnaca airport. After all, it was not a terrorist act, but a simple crazy act of love…. How is it possible??? His ex-wife left him, and asked him to prove his love. She asked […]

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If I would be a man …

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If I would be a man, I will drug her with endless love and I would never let her be awake, because I know she doesn’t like the state of hangover afterwards

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He’s the one

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first one

The first one who ignites my soul. Who turns down my fears. Like he’d been here forever. As he knew me for a lifetime, and that life would have been longer than I could imagined. He’s the first one who thaws my soul, soothes my heart, smooths my forehead. Just to discover my amazing smile […]

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Woman, you are stronger than you think

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Fight, woman! Fight for what you wish and what you want to be. Always remember that you’re not afraid to lose, you’re afraid not trying. Ask the men in your life, how many times did they lose before they became successful? How many times did they stand up to be strong today? They will tell you : […]

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