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cellulite issues

Although it’s early autumn we can still enjoy good wheatear. Most of us are still wearing skirts and shorts  and we still  have cellulite issues that seems to last forever.

As lately I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle, I have developed an affinity for natural care products and I am very excited about the results.

For cellulite and skin firmness, I tried some QI cosmetics products: Body Scrub and Cellulite Massage Oil.

The scrub has a fresh grapefruit and neroli energizing fragrance. I use it to eliminate dead cells and to stimulate circulation, ideal before applying cellulite oil. It contains bio sugar, grape seed oil, coconut oil, essential grapefruit oil and naroli essential oil of naroli. What I love most about this scrub is that it leaves your skin extremely smooth, firm, shiny and slightly fragrant.

I’m applying the anti-cellulite oil, after using body scrub. It can also be used separately, but it acts much more prominently on cellulite if used together. It needs to be massage well, with circular movements until it enters the skin. Contains a lot of natural products like wheat germ oil, sesame oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary oil, cypress oil, fennel oil, grapefruit oil, grapefruit oil and fir tree oil.

I’m using the body scrub 3-4 times a week, and oil I use it daily. Results can be seen much faster than mass market products.They are 100% natural, handmade. So far I’m really excited. And I advise you to try them. You can order it from here:  Body Scrub and Cellulite Busting Body Oil 

Below you have some photos with the products I was talking about.



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