If you’re ever asking why, I can’t give you a reason, for that and others forgive me

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I’m leaving. Not because you’re not good enough. On the contrary. I’m leaving because when I’m with you I forget about me. Because I never thought will get here. Because I never thought those moments we spent together will make me fall in love with you. I’m leaving even if it’s not what  I want, but  because I consider it the best option. Otherwise my love for you will be increase. And I’m scared. I’m afraid to love again, my beloved one. Because I will always put you before me. And I’ll think to much at the future, without living the present. I’m leaving, even if I want you to stop me.

Forget me. It’s better to forget me. Forget that I was and will be in your life. Forget that only you make me smile. Forget you make me love. Forget all the beautiful moments we had together. Remember those less beautiful. To be easier to forget me.

My beloved one, if you’re ever asking why, I can’t give you a reason, I don’t know it. For this and others, forgive me.


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