He’s the one

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first one

The first one who ignites my soul. Who turns down my fears. Like he’d been here forever. As he knew me for a lifetime, and that life would have been longer than I could imagined.

He’s the first one who thaws my soul, soothes my heart, smooths my forehead. Just to discover my amazing smile and shining glance. He’s the first who amplifies the love, the happiness. Love lived in two. With passion and dedication. Because love is not a result. It’s a force. A force that mystical and powerful, that won’t let your mind and your soul fear by something unknown. It simply makes you feel it, discover it and live it at maximum intensity.

He’s the first one who makes me feel I truly live. Next to him I can breathe. Next to him I want everything or nothing. Along with him I want to feel  ecstasy, joy and fulfillment. He is the first one  who makes me want him to be the last one.

But if I would wear the mantle of his universe, will I be forever his?




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