If I would be a man …

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If I would be a man I would make her smile every time I get the chance. I would make her laugh, whenever she wants to cry. I make her shine around me happiness. And pleasure. I’d be drunk in her scent and I would feel the most joyful man in the world.

If I would be a man, I will drug her with endless love and I would never let her be awake, because I know she doesn’t like the state of hangover afterwards. I’d buy her the most beautiful red roses to hear her heartbeats every time she smells it. To feel her pulse rises every time I’m  close to her. To see her large piercing eyes every time I look at her. To hear her accelerated breath every time I touch her. To feel that with me she’s the happiest woman in the universe.

If I would be a man, I love her as it would be the last day when I see her; with passion and pathos. With body and soul. Childish and mature. With everything God gave me to love. Because just beside her I feel like a man. She gives me strength to go forward, to fight, to conquer. to love, to be happy.

If I would be a man, I would have been only her man, and she would be the happiest woman.

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