Why strong women fall in love with complicated men

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Strong women are independent . And most of the time they are also complicated. The man beside them will never represent a way to get in to high society or to ease their road to success. They will fight the same, with or without him. But they also have the principle of”where are two, the power is growing”. And here we’re talking about the force with which a complicated man inspires them.

They are women who learned that if you don’t risk, you can’t win. And they are used to this. With suspense. They are not  followers of monotonous or simple things, that will not give them some suspense.  So they started fall in love with complicated men. Beside them, they learned to live the moment, enjoy the present instead thinking of future. Beside complicated men they had the most intense feelings. And these men managed to shake their  thoughts and feelings, to excite their mind and body.

It’s not easy with a complicated man. Neither with a complicated woman. Because she knows very well what she wants. And she knows also how to fight with her whole being for what she wants. If necessary, she will fight for two. Just to make her man aware of what he wants. That’s because he’s the only one who knows to spice her world. He knows when to make her feel loved and when she needs to be alone. He knows when she needs help or just a simple encouragement. When she wants to stay in his arms or to be free.

Strong women fall in love with complicated men, because just beside them have the most extraordinary feelings.



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